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Walt Disney World is prioritizing people who start in Magic Kingdom and have reservations for that park. If there’s still availability after 2 pm, guests who have Park Hopped to Magic Kingdom then are given a chance to join. Another key distinction is that Magic Kingdom is the most popular theme park at Walt Disney World, with significantly higher average attendance than its counterparts. More guests equals more demand for the TRON Lightcycle Run virtual queue. Consequently, we are not expecting it to last long after 1 pm on most days. Officially, you should make every effort to return during your allotted window.

We have had success with this a couple of times already, but only on 1/10 and 2/10 crowd level days. Not during regular park hours–you cannot join both the 7 am and 1 pm virtual queue. If you’re on-site and it’s a busier day, buying an Individual Lightning Lane will be easier, since you can do that starting at 7 am. If you’re off-site on a busier day, the virtual queue will be easier, since you cannot purchase Individual Lightning Lanes until park opening. The only material difference is that your wait time will likely be slightly longer, as there are very few of these ride vehicles. Each offers different pros & cons, but we’d recommend seeing if you can fit in the lightcycle if at all possible.

That’s why it’s so hard to say what will happen with TRON Lightcycle Run. Since it will definitely be the most popular ride at the Magic Kingdom for at least a few years, Disney may decide to use it there for two years or more. As mentioned though, this problem goes away on January 9th, 2024 when custom cypress command examples cypress testing tools park hopping returns to normal and there are no limitations to when you can come and go to the Disney Parks, including Magic Kingdom. Skipping the Virtual Queue and going directly for an Individual Lightning Lane selection will give you the best odds of riding TRON, but that means paying for it.

But in practice we’ve found that you only have to have entered the park earlier in the day to be eligible. If you left to get lunch and haven’t returned yet, you’re still good to go. You can set up Genie for days in the future, and if you are trying to get an ILL for TRON we recommend setting it up before you are eligible to reserve so that you’ll be all ready to go. When getting a boarding group, the people with Park Passes will automatically be selected to join, but that shouldn’t include anybody under 3 since they don’t have tickets or a Park Pass.

Look at the page and get everything lined up and ready to go so you aren’t fumbling at the last second. The first one to get in gets the boarding passes for everyone in the group, and by the time the others arrive at the page, it will just tell you that it was a success and that you are already in a boarding group. Everyone else will also get a message confirming they are in a boarding group. Even though perhaps you did all the planning for your trip alone, and made all the other reservations, you will want some help to get into the Virtual Queue. That means having multiple people trying to book boarding groups at the same time. Just in case, we recommend taking a screenshot of your boarding group number immediately upon making your reservation.

  1. If you want to get on TRON Lightcycle / Run, you won’t just be able to stand in a regular standby queue for hours.
  2. TRON Lightcycle Run the biggest addition to Walt Disney World’s most popular park in a decade, instantly one of the most in-demand attractions anywhere.
  3. The second can be joined by anyone who has tapped into Magic Kingdom that day.
  4. Otherwise, there is a back row of regular seats with lap bars as a modified seating option on select trains.

For example, it’s possible to get into the Virtual Queue and also buy an Individual Lightning Lane to ride TRON a second time. The very first thing you need to do before using the Virtual Queue is to download the My Disney Experience app on your mobile device. If you don’t have the MDE app, you won’t be able to get into a boarding group. Not to worry, it’s simple to do and it works on both iPhones and Android devices. It’s not 100% clear what Disney’s strategy is going forward with the Virtual Queue. Most of the attractions that first started using it when they opened, later switched to a standby queue.

What Time Do I Need to Arrive at the Park?

However, you have the option to hit “Change Party” in the hour before tapping the “Join Virtual Queue” button. Once the park is open, this same screen will show you which boarding groups have been called plus a more accurate estimate wait time. Even then, return times can fluctuate based on downtime and other factors. For now, the 1 pm virtual queue being easier to enter is also good news for those wanting to potentially reduce their time waiting in line. To many first-timers, a lengthy guide for “successfully” riding a roller coaster might seem excessive. After all, isn’t it just a matter of “lining up, waiting, and sitting down”?!

Check Your Phone Settings

You can follow along with where Disney is on calling boarding groups inside the My Disney Experience app, and as long as you have turned on notifications, you’ll get a pop-up when it is your turn. When boarding groups are available, you’ll be able to click the “Join a boarding group” button (of course, if you aren’t eligible, it will tell you that you can’t join). At that point, your only option to ride will be to purchase an Individual Lightning Lane Selection. If you find that some people are missing, don’t waste time trying to add them.

Amusement Park

Each rider will need a separate pass, but bookings can be made for the entire group at once. Once a guest is successfully in a virtual queue, the My Disney Experience App will provide a boarding group and a time to arrive at the TRON Lightcycle / Run queue entrance. best css to scss converter Make sure you get there in plenty of time, and keep an eye on this projected window as it sometimes changes. It’s not based upon proximity–this functionality only unlocks in the My Disney Experience app once you physically tap into the park’s tap/turnstiles.

For the last few years, Disney has been using the Virtual Queue and boarding groups whenever a new E-Ticket attraction opens, which means you need to know how those two things work to ride. During TRON’s soft opening, we were able to try out the virtual queue to see how it works! First, you’ll want to make sure you’ve downloaded the My Disney Experience app. Make sure you’ve downloaded any updates and the app is ready and working.

Tell the Cast Member in the loading area that you’ll need the accessible seat to be directed to the car instead of the bikes. To be eligible and yes, everyone who wants to ride needs to be there. However, our test team has found in other Virtual Queues that you only need to have entered the park before you try to join.

This is the most popular ride Disney’s Magic Kingdom has seen in almost a decade, and possibly ever. Consider this your TRON Lightcycle Run Virtual Queue 101 class, and it’s going to be a full-immersion course. If you are looking for more details on the actual ride, read our TRON Lightcycle Run Guide. If you’re global blockchain business council launches staying at a Disney World hotel, we’re BEGGING you to not fall into… Disney just dropped a NEW must-have park bag and we know its going to be… During the 7AM sign-up time on March 20th (the first day of the TRON soft opening) Virtual Queue spots filled up in SECONDS so you will need to act fast.

Unofficially, Walt Disney World has been offering a grace period of around one hour, especially as return time estimates have varied wildly and Advance Dining Reservations have interfered with return times. However, most guests arriving beyond that hour grace period are usually denied entry absent extenuating circumstances. So long as you have sufficient time to fix any errors before 7 am, we’d recommend trying to do so. If you don’t have the time or can’t fix the problem, our advice is to click “Join Virtual Queue” with as many people in your party as possible. If, for some reason, someone in your party was not selected, see a Cast Member at the Guest Experience Team stands (look for the blue umbrella) in the park.

There aren’t any bumps — it was a smooth ride, but of course, very fast at times. If that happens to you, you can still ride TRON, but you’ll need to use one of the standard seats located in the last rows of two out of the attraction’s seven trains. Notify an attendant that you need the standard seats when you approach the boarding area, and expect to wait up to an extra half an hour.

In the above picture, Len is trying out the test seat and you can see where the leg restraint lands. Fit on these vehicles is not about your clothing size – it’s about this restraint. Cast Members have told us that the people who most commonly don’t fit are either tall (less room to adjust leg position to find a good spot for the restraint) or have large calves, or both. Even if you fit, if it’s close it will help you understand how you need to get positioned during loading for the ride. For an ILL reservation you can select the time, but if reservations have been booking up quickly you may not want to take too long browsing for the perfect slot.

You will still be able to ride TRON Lightcycle Run, you’ll just sit in a regular roller coaster ride vehicle (pictured above) rather than the lightcycle. Keep in mind that this could be a risky approach on busy days if reservations start filling up again, but that has not been occurring as of Summer 2023. Nevertheless, keep an eye on the Disney Park Pass availability calendar and switch in advance if this looks like it’s becoming an option around your travel dates. However, everyone in your party does need to enter Magic Kingdom at some point before 1 pm in order to “unlock” access to the virtual queue at 1 pm. Meaning you could arrive for park opening, take the monorail back to your hotel for lunch and a pool break, and try again at 1 pm.

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