Does UX Design Require Coding? 2023 Guide

The broad knowledge of other areas becomes the horizontal line over the “I”, thus resembling the letter “T”. JavaScript can update and change both HTML and CSS, and can calculate, manipulate, and validate data. It can be used to display dynamic interactions, animate elements, create responsive communication with the back end or server, and more. Learning how to code the front-end UI and previewing it, gives designers the opportunity to immediately see how things are displayed when viewed on various devices. Jônatas is a detail-oriented digital art director who uses UI, UX, visual and motion design to make technology simple for everyone. This involves knowledge of graphic design, drawing, illustration, color theory, photo and/or video editing, or typography, among others.

Because although the machines and technology become more and more prominent in our lives, they still serve humans, and humans have certain demands, starting with a smooth experience. The reason why it is unanswered could be that there is no authority to say, or maybe it’s because of the ever-growing and changing environment of the technology world. To understand the differences between these two roles, and to truly understand if programming for UX/UI Design it’s a must, let’s start by defining each role.


In the same way, a designer who codes can choose the best product design to fit the user’s needs, rather than the most obvious. UX/UI designers who also know code have a leg up on the competition. Here are the reasons why UX/UI and product designers should — and maybe shouldn’t — learn to code. Objective-C is the primary language used for native software on Apple products. This includes OS X, their desktop operating system and iOS, their mobile device operating system.

They will know what can be easily achieved and what would be more challenging. Many designers think that designers and developers need to collaborate, but each discipline should stick to what they know. Others see no problem with professionals wearing multiple hats. Many developers see designers who code a threat, while others see them as welcome collaborators who have learned to speak their language. HTML and CSS are the most important coding skills to understand, as they majorly implement your UI designs.

Software and Coding Fundamentals for UX

On the other hand, learning to code makes a designer a great asset to any multidisciplinary team. Coding is more than just a skill – it can open opportunities to work with other teams, take on projects from start to finish, and gain experience that may ultimately drive your career growth. There are several instances in which learning to code may be advantageous to UX/UI Product Designers. Not ui design course only can learning to code expand your job opportunities, but it will allow you to design better products since you will have more detailed knowledge about the capability of code. In addition, it can improve your communication with other team members. UX design is focused on the user’s experience, which means a UX designer starts with understanding a user’s goals, desires, and frustrations.

After the design team comes up with some product prototypes, it’s of utmost importance to both validate the ideas through user research and to identify the product’s pain points. However, understanding the basics of coding can help you as a UX designer. Understanding how software development works gives you a better understanding of what’s possible,  allowing for more efficient work and better designs. If you’re considering getting into UX design or are already a UX designer, you might wonder how much you need to know about programming languages. While you won’t be coding, you will be communicating with developers in your UX design career.

Why should UX designers learn how to code?

You’re not expected to do that and if your employer requires you to spend 3–4 hours a day writing code, they’re treating you as UX developer and not a UX designer. Knowing how to code is different from actually being good at it. You need to spend 10,000 hours to become a master of any craft.

do ux designers need to code

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